Citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, and stateless persons staying in Ukraine on a legal basis, 18 years old, who share the principles and goals of the Association, recognize and fulfill the provisions of the Statutes may become members of the Association. They are to meet the requirements and to be admitted to the Association as it is determined by the Statutes and inner documents of the Association, and to pay membership fees.

"The Association acts on the basis of voluntary membership" in accordance with article 20 of the Statutes.

The Board of Directors of the Association can take a decision on conferring a title of the Honorary member of the Association. The Honorary member can be a diplomat, scholar, political or public figure, or any other physical person having extraordinary achievements in state formation, development of the diplomatic service, and implementation of the foundations of the foreign policy of Ukraine and rendering considerable organizational, material, or any other support to the activities of the Association. Founders taking part in the constituent assembly become members of the Association after its national registration.

New members are adopted by the Board of Directors following their application

The decision on adopting or refusing to adopt a new member is taken by the Board of Directors during 30 days following the date of application. A new member is given a prescribed ID. All issues of paying membership and other fees are settled by fees regulation approved by the Board of Directors of the Association. All remittances from members of the Association have the status of the unreimbursed financial assistance.

Association membership discontinues in the following cases:

  • voluntary secession from the Association;
  • expelling a member of the Association;
  • Automatic suspension of the membership.

The voluntary secession from the Association is made by a written request, and the decision is taken by the Board of Directors. Membership in the Association is incompatible with actions aimed at blowing the prestige, territorial integrity, and national security of Ukraine, violation of human rights, promulgation of war, violence, ethnic, racial or religious enmity. 

A member of the Association may be expelled by the decision of the Board of Directors for: 1) not fulfilling statutory obligations,including violation of the Statutes, and not fulfilling decisions of the Board of Directors or violating rules or norms obligatory for all members and approved by the General Assembly, the Board of Directors or the President; 2) disseminating information which is untruthful or misinterprited and harmful for interests, honor, dignity or good will of the Association.

Secession of membership is automatic and does not require taking the decision in the following cases:

  • discovering incompatibility to membership requirements;
  • violation of duty to pay annual membership fees;
  • recognition of a member of the Association incapable in the legal way;
  • when verdict to a member of the Association becomes valid;
  • if a member of the Association dies.


Assets and means handed over by a member into the property of the Association are not to be returned in case of voluntary secession of his/her membership, expelling the member from the Association or automatic discontinuation of the membership. Secession of membership results in the retirement of the person from all posts in any body of the Association except permanent employees.

Association members are entitled to:

  • participate in the activities of the Association as it is stated in the Statutes and inner documents of the Association;
  • receive full and reliable information about activities of the Association, including reports on utilization of assets and means handed over to the Association by them in a specified way;
  • express their opinion as for the personalities and candidates suggested to be elected to the statute bodies;
  • vote at the General Assembly according to principles and in order determined by inner documents of the Association;
  • elect and to be elected to the governing bodies of the Association as it is determined by the Statutes and inner documents of the Association;
  • represent the Association at conferences, symposia, in mass media p. p. the Board of Directors;
  • put forward proposals for the agenda of the General Assembly;
  • make requests and proposals to the governing bodies of the Association on the issues of their activities or those of the Association and receive responces;
  • participate in sorting out issues considered at the meetings of statutory bodies, to which they have been elected;
  • use the assets of the Association as well as social, cultural, and public establishments according to inner documents of the Association;
  • use research, methodological, information, and other materials, social, material, and other resources of the Association according to its inner documents;
  • use services of enterprises and organizations established by the Association on preferential terms according to its inner documents;
  • publish their essays and articles in the editions of the Association in accordance with its activities under conditions, approved by the Board of Directors;
  • leave the Association as it is envisaged by the Statutes;


  • enjoy other rights envisaged by the present law of Ukraine, as well as inner documents of the Association.

Members of the Association are:

  • to keep to the requirements of the Statutes, other inner documents of the Association in their activities and to implement the decisions of General Assembly, Board of Directors, and other bodies of the Association, which are obligatory for its members and are in line with valid laws of Ukraine;
  • to contribute to accomplishing aims and assignments of the Association, spreading information about its activities;
  • contribute to drawing in new members;
  • to respect the rights and legitimate interests of other members of the Association;
  • to support the Association in a pecuniary way, pay membership fees in time and in full, in the amount and the way determined by the Board of Directors; 
  • to prevent deeds discrediting the Association;
  • to have other duties envisaged by the valid laws of Ukraine, the Statutes, and inner documents of the Association.

The applicants pay the entrance fee, when joining the Association The minimum amount of the fee for applicants having the diplomatic rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary is 1000 (one thousand) hryvnias.

The minimum amount of the entrance fee for all other applicants is 500 (five hundred) hryvnias.

The minimum entrance fee for students of specialized tertiary schools is 250 (two hundred and fifty) hryvnias.

The entrance fee is paid together with application to join the Association. A copy of the payment order is attached to the application form. It is allowed to delay the entrance fee payment until the decision on applicant’s joining the Association is taken according to Article 24 of the Statutes of the Association, but not more than for one week from the moment of taking the decision.

Further on the members of the Association pay annual membership fees. They are fixed in similar amounts as entrance fees according to article 3 of the Provision. Members of the governing bodies of the Association pay the double amount of the minimum entrance fee as their membership fee. 

Annual membership fee is to be paid by 1 February of the current year.