UFPA is an association of experts in international relations: for impartial foreign policy analysis for settling diplomatic and geopolitical problems. for the structural working out of proposals




The Association is not aimed at the passive monitoring of the governmental foreign policy, but at being active in influencing it, unlike other Ukrainian self-governing non-profit public associations in the sphere of public diplomacy. The principal goal of the Association is to strengthen the role of civil society in implementing the governmental policy in international relations of Ukraine. For that reason, the Statutes of the Association define as the priority “interactive cooperation of the civil society and expert environment with governmental structures in finding out the vector of the foreign policy of Ukraine and taking important foreign policy decisions in the interests of all the society”. The founders of the Association are certain that the goal can be reached, for the governing bodies of the Association comprise some experienced Ukrainian diplomats with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. The Association is to act as a think-tank uniting leading Ukrainian and foreign experts in foreign policy, international relations, international law, international economic relations, international information.


1. Organizational Activities.

• Organizing and taking part in conferences, seminars, lectures, researches, and other similar events on a wide range of foreign political issues both in Ukraine and abroad;

•Providing expertise of the bills, legal acts, initiatives of the governmental bodies of Ukraine on foreign policy and putting forward respective proposals. Providing governmental bodies and public with expertise and commentaries on foreign political decisions of other countries, influential international organizations, which could affect the implementation of national interests of Ukraine;

• Being active in shaping public opinion on foreign policy of Ukraine by addressing media, students, delivering lectures, doing some research, etc;

2.Information activities.

• Contributing to a better understanding of the essence of the Ukrainian policy in the sphere of international relations, both in Ukraine and abroad, by spreading unbiased expertise and analytical developments through Ukrainian and foreign media, our own internet resources etc.;

• Monitoring the world information area to assure adequate reaction in case of spreading biased information about Ukraine and putting forward proposals to counteract anti-Ukrainian information campaigns;

•Assisting students, instructors, researchers, politologists, NGO members, and other Ukrainians in establishing professional and humanitarian contacts with representatives of other countries, universal and regional international organizations;

• Contributing to the raise of qualification of the diplomatic service of Ukraine and experts in international relations, in particular, by engaging the professional potential and practical experience of members of the Association, as well as by introducing personal scolarships for training or internship at the leading Ukrainian and foreign research centres;

• Maintaining constant professional and information ties with Ukrainian, foreign, and international public organizations in international relations, exchanging practical experience with partner organizations in Ukraine and abroad;

3. Analytical Activities.

•Aiming unique intellectual resources of members of the Association at carrying out impartial investigations in a wide range of international issues, analysis and predicting global and regional foreign political processes, and bringing governmental, public, and research institutions up-to-date as for the expertise;

• Working out balanced proposals for the governmental bodies of Ukraine as for the ways of sorting out conflicts and meeting the challenges and menaces of the present world on the basis of unbiased professional research and practical analysis, global and regional challenges and risks;

• Using diplomatic experience of members of the Association for working out recommendations for the optimum shape of Ukraine’s cooperation with the key subjects of the world politics, algorithm for Ukraine to enter the political, economic, cultural, information, and security world;

• Giving recommendations for the mechanisms of adopting Ukrainian law to the world and European standards;

• Taking part in public discussion of bills in the sphere of international relations.