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Ukraine Ambassador Open To More Scrutiny Of U.S. Aid


This fall, the Biden administration wants Congress to approve $20 billion in additional funding related to the Ukraine war.

Michael A. McCoy for HuffPost

WASHINGTON — With lawmakers questioning American assistance to Ukrainemore intensely than ever, the beleaguered nation is open to more scrutiny of the aid it is receiving to resist Russian invaders, according to Oksana Markarova, the Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S.

The myth of a strong postwar Ukraine


Ending the conflict sooner will give Kyiv a chance to rebuild. Until then, its prospects for a thriving, democratic state are diminishing.

George Beebe
August 10, 2023

No matter how the war ends, Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has created the very outcome he most wanted to prevent: a thriving anti-Russian, pro-Western democracy, armed to the teeth with American weaponry, destined at a minimum to become a de facto ally of Washington, if not an official member of the NATO alliance.