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The Unseen Toll of Ukraine's Decade-Long Conflict: A Personal Insight


Personally, after a decade spent advancing Ukraine’s democratization and now advocating for Western support to Ukraine, I often feel akin to a musician aboard the Titanic, still playing as the ship sinks. Yet, I cannot shake the nagging question: are Ukrainians the sole torchbearers of true values? And are we the only ones courageous enough to fight for them, regardless of the cost?

by Elena Davlikanova      

The Ukraine War Runs on Prevarication


By James W. Carden

The Biden administration’s Ukraine PR campaign echoes messaging on the Vietnam War beat for beat.

That the tide of the war in Ukraine has turned in Russia’s favor is now too obvious to ignore—unless, that is, you are a high ranking Biden administration official, in which case 2024 will likely lead to some sunlit upland of victory and prosperity for Ukraine.