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Petro Poroshenko's Nationalism Cost Him the Presidency


This is one of the lessons that Western policymakers can learn from Poroshenko's crushing defeat.

Petro Poroshenko lost the Ukrainian presidential elections by a larger margin than any candidate in the history of Ukraine. He won in only one region of the country. His opponent, a comedian with no political experience, received more votes than any candidate in Ukrainian history. Why, after five years of policies that had the full political and financial backing of the West, did the Ukrainian people reject him by a three-to-one margin?

Як має змінитися дипломатична служба України після перемоги Зеленського




ЄвроПравда публікує колонку нашого неодноразового автора, посла Андрія Веселовського – знаного дипломата, колишнього представника України при ЄС. За даними "Європейської правди", Веселовський є одним із тих, хто консультував команду Зеленського із зовнішньополітичних питань в останній час перед виборами, хоч і не обіймає формальних посад у "Зе-команді".

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Ukraine Election: Comedian Trounces President, Exit Polls Show


By Andrew Higgins and Iuliia Mendel

KIEV, Ukraine — A comedian best known for playing the role of an accidental president on television easily won the real-life election for president in Ukraine on Sunday, exit polls indicated, putting a political neophyte at the helm of a country at the center of the West’s geopolitical struggle with Moscow.