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В МЗС з’явився спецпредставник з питань санкцій. Що це означає?


У четвер – у той час, як міністр Дмитро Кулеба, очевидно, вже виїхав до Будапешта на зустріч із Петером Сійярто – пресслужба МЗС оприлюднила ухвалене ним кадрове рішення.

One Year On, Zelensky Survives Impeachment (Trump’s, That Is) and Blunted Hopes


When Ukrainians went to the polls in April 2019 to elect Volodymyr Zelensky as president, it was a collective shot in the dark. His previous political experience amounted to playing the role of the president in the popular Ukrainian TV series, Servant of the People. But in a country where politics, as usual, had failed to address endemic corruption or bring an end to the war in eastern Ukraine, people were hungry for change, and the comedian won by a landslide.